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Digital marketing and information technology with a new and innovative look

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We specialized in

Digital Marketing
And information technology

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our services
our services

A list of our services that we are proud to offer you

What does FLANTINO Foundation for Electronic Services provide for you?

Trade Mark

We make your visual imprint and make it the hallmark of your activity
And lives on the minds of the audience

Programming and web design

Our world is full of web development professionals
With the latest languages that serve the flexibility and elegance of your online presence

SEO services

Professional SEO services help you improve the visibility of your site in search results, to be the first in Google searches

Digital marketing

Scientific steps based on studying the market and developing accurate strategies to manage your campaigns, accounts, websites and applications, and promote your business, in order to reach with you the desired results

Application programming and design

Programming applications, developing and managing them using software and technical methods
Convenient for users to increase your proximity to your customers on the mobile screen

Managing social media accounts

Your fans are our second family we strive to preserve
Through the latest in marketing and promotional science tools

Content writing

We create the art of thinking outside the box to break out of the ordinary with creativity and ingenuity
Let's create content aligned with your vision and ideas

Graphic Design

We draw, we color and create to make
Everyone refers fondly to actions
Your Graphic

E-stores management

We manage electronic stores in an operational and marketing manner
Manage content, follow up on requests, and respond to inquiries

Motion Graphics

Visual displays made with pinpoint quality
You express your vision, we mix it with our thoughts
Let's preserve the authenticity of your digital business

Organizing events

At Flantino Electronic Services, we understand the needs of our customers
In the field of events, festivals and exhibitions, and organizing them with marketing plans

Flantino Electronic Services Corporation

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